Pest Control

Here in Minnesota summers can be short. In order to enjoy the great outdoors, let us take care of the critters above and below your lawn. Lawnpro provides grub, tick, and mosquito control. Treatment times vary depending on the pest we are controlling.


Grubs can be a destructive lawn pest. Not all lawns will get grubs and the extent of grub damage varies from year to year. Grubs are the larval stage of beetles. A very common grub species in our area is the larval stage of the Japenese Beetle. Japanese Beetles are considered to be an invasive species that feeds on leaves, flowers and the fruit of more than 300 species of plants.

Do I have grubs in my lawn?

Since grubs feed on the roots of lawn grasses, damage will appear as browning of the lawn. However, problems such as drought, poor soil, and other diseases can also create damage that appears very similar. Don’t treat for grubs that don’t exist. You can easily check by lifting sod in damaged areas and checking the root zone for grubs. Typically a population of about 12 grubs per square foot can cause lawn damage that requires control.

Grubs in Lawn
Grubs in Lawn

How can I reduce the number of grubs in my lawn?

Controlling grubs in your lawn may also help with deterring mole activity. Penn State University states that if you have a serious mole problem that could indicate that the moles have an abundant food supply. If you suspect you have a grub infestation call us and we can help! We offer preventative and curative treatments. If the grubs have reached maturity and now are adult beetles, we can also apply treatments to help get rid of these pests in your landscape.